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Innovative Tricks to Utilise an Annoying Invasive Tree Branch

A tree can be a boon to have around indeed, unless it’s too close to your window. An invasive tree branch refers to a tree branch that looms dangerously close to a window or balcony, with the branches sometimes entering the residence. Astray tree branches are extremely annoying, and can often spark tensions between neighbours, give rise to periodic maintenance issues, as well as serious damage if left unattended. Supposing you are encountering a ravaging storm. There is always the risk of cracked and shattered windowpanes caused by the violently shaking branches of the tree, or, if you are unfortunate enough to have outdoor car parking, structural damage to your precious vehicle, by falling branches. There are many things about a that arboreal beauty outside your doorstep, that could cause you trouble. It could be the unceasingly strewn fallen leaves that never leave your yard no matter how much you rake them, or it could be those twigs that you trip over or trample on every time you’re on your way out in a hurry. It could also be the simple deprivation of a clear sky view, or it could be the sharp and incessant tweets and shrieks you hear from that bird on the branch, interrupting your thoughts; that infuriates you and makes you desperate to take down those overhanging branches. But believe it or not, invasive or overhanging tree branches can be useful too. It is quite possible to mitigate the risks posed to you by a tree that grows too close to the architecture, and in fact utilise its presence to the fullest..

Depending on the size, strength, and type of tree, here are a few innovative trips and tricks to utilise an annoying invasive tree branch- • Use it as a Clothes Line or a Clothes Rack- Why buy an expensive wardrobe, when it’s growing right in through your window? If a branch is invading into your living space through the window, do not fret. Simply make use of it as a clothes line to dry washed clothes or a clothes rack, to arrange and keep your clothes. It would be ideal to paint over the overhanging branch using latex paint, to prevent infestation and preventing the bark from splitting and cracking. Increase the weight of garments you put on it gradually, as it grows further. It would also be useful to cut off any nodes, where newer offshoots of the branch are prevented, thus keeping your room spic and span simultaneously. • Use the branches as driveway lightings- This works particularly well if it is a perennial and evergreen tree, or a deciduous tree in winter. Simply connect a set of lights and hang them on the branches, thus effectively avoiding costs of installing separate driveway lighting. Solar garden lighting is often most efficient when hung on tree branches as it makes use of the incoming sunlight as well, transforming your nuisance into a source of luminescence. In order to avoid moths and other insects that are attracted to light, getting too close to the window, it would be advisable to use yellow lights, or to rub citronella oil on the lighting or on the branch. • Use the branches for indoor and outdoor decoration- A tree branch can give you plenty of room for creative decoration. You can make use of its gentle swaying in the wind, by hanging a folksy windchime. You could even take an attempt at putting up paintings to make it resemble a natural art gallery. Hanging up fairy lights, especially during festive occasions, is a great way to lift the spirits higher. Perhaps you can get rid of the problem of the birds incessantly chirping, by making a bird house. Birds seldom remain noisy around their nests, hence you can be rest assured that you will get adequate peace and quiet as well. You may even host a mini tree top garden, with the branches forming a perfect place for a hanging garden, or for growing creepers and climbers. To avoid cracked and shattered windows during storms or intense weather, simply fasten the loose and vulnerable branches, thus restricting their movement. • Use the branches to make a makeshift car shed- Does your car get heated up incredibly when parked outdoors? It would be increasingly convenient to have a shade over the car to protect it from overheating in the relentless sunlight, wouldn’t it? To make a makeshift car shed, and protect your car from damage due to stray branches falling, try tying a net or a large canvas sheet between the stronger and robust tree branches. This will not only keep your car cool, but will also shield it from impact from falling branches up to a great extent. Be sure to periodically clean out the debris of fallen leaves and twigs from the top to ensure it lasts longer. Trees deserve another chance. So, the next time a stray branch comes knocking on your window, invite it and do something innovative and productive with it rather than chop it down. There may not be a solution to every problem, but there need not be a problem for a solution to emerge. Taking inspiration from nature, reinvent the way you think about overhanging branches, and nurture the unexpected gifts that nature tends to provide you with..

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